On Our Sleeves Champions

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Our heroes wear their mental health advocacy on their sleeves, using their voices to break stigmas and start conversations. They are our champions in the movement to transform children’s mental health.

Meet the On Our Sleeves Champions.

Ryan and Christina Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness

Christina and Ryan Day

The Christina and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness

Christina and Ryan Day are making a bold commitment to extend their social mission to one of the most significant issues facing children and young adults today – mental health.

The Day Family is excited to announce the creation of the The Christina and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Day’s example will help raise awareness, increase educational opportunities, inspire advocacy, and be a role model for donating to a cause that has historically been ignored.


Ashley Eckstein wearing the 'I Break Stigmas Shirt' baseball t-shirt

Ashley Eckstein

Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein is an actress, author and entrepreneur. Most known as the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Ashley is also the Founder of Her Universe - the groundbreaking fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand.

Ashley shares her personal mental health story as part of her larger advocacy platform and frequently shares On Our Sleeves on her “Mental Health Mondays” to her legion of fans online.


Thirty-One Care Council

Thirty-One Gives Care Council

Thirty-One Gifts

The Thirty-One Gives Care Council was created to serve as the voice of all Consultants in selecting nonprofit partners across the U.S. and Canada. They determine how to allocate contributions made by the company, various promotions and through the Gives Round Up! Program.

The Care Council members come from Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, New York and more! We’re so thankful On Our Sleeves has been chosen as one of their care partners.


Achea Redd

Achea Redd

Real Girls F.A.R.T.

Achea launched Real Girls F.A.R.T (Fearless, Authentic, Rescuer, Trailblazer) after being diagnosed with general anxiety disorder in 2016. Through her platform, she authentically shares her feelings about mental health, while also equipping women with the necessary tools to use their voices.

We’re so thankful for Achea’s championing of On Our Sleeves. You can see some of her advocacy for our campaign here.


Steve Testa

Steve Testa

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation

Philanthropy has been a driving force for good in our nation’s history. Under Steve Testa’s leadership, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation and On Our Sleeves provides hope and support to families facing mental illness everywhere.

The championing of children’s mental health has created capacity for unprecedented investment into mental health care and facilities. Through national cause partnerships, the Foundation uniquely amplifies the need surrounding children's mental health and supports it’s transformation through research into behavioral health causality, and best practices to improve prevention and treatment outcomes across the country.

On Our Sleeves is giving children a voice, breaking stigmas and ensuring that families affected by mental illness no longer suffer in silence.

Albert Covelli

Albert Covelli and Family

Covelli Enterprises/Panera Bread

“Our family and Panera Bread locations within Covelli Enterprises are proud to be strong supporters of the On Our Sleeves campaign. We truly believe that we are not only in the food business but rather in the customer business, working to help the individuals in our communities. Our partnership with On Our Sleeves is very special to our family as well as our company. We are honored and blessed to have the opportunity to raise funds and bring awareness to pediatric mental health. Our children are the future, we need to care for them today to give them hope and success in the years to come." -Albert Covelli, Covelli Enterprises


Radio One Staff

Radio One

Radio One is the most trusted source in central Ohio for the African American Community that informs, entertains and inspires its audience. They do this by providing culturally relevant integrated content through radio and digital platforms. Local brands Power 107.5 106.3FM, Joy 107.1FM and Magic 95.5FM are excited and honored to help spread awareness on pediatric mental health and excited to help in building healthy children, which ultimately build healthy families.


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What Does On Our Sleeves Mean to You?

Steve Werman

"I have little kids who are about to grow up in a world different from the one I was raised in; primarily influenced by social media and the abundant access to content at their fingertips. It is going to be tough as parents to manage that and my hope is that children will feel comfortable talking about their feelings and dealing directly with the challenges they will inevitably face. This movement is so important for the well-being of all children and I'm so proud of Nationwide Children's Hospital for being on the front lines of this mission!"

Steve Werman, VP of Finance at HOMAGE
Wendy Bradshaw

"Mental health is a silent epidemic that we need to address openly so our children can feel safe to share how they truly feel and what they are struggling with internally."

Wendy Bradshaw, Ambassador Council Member, Nationwide Children's Foundation
Kristen Orlando

"This campaign couldn't be more important or more needed. Mental health is something that touches so many, whether through personal experience, family or friends. The most important thing to know is this: you are not alone. You are loved. You are important. We are here. And we are listening."

Kristen Orlando, Young Adult Author
Nathan Sawaya

"As an artist who uses a child’s toy as an art medium, I often hear from kids about their struggles and stresses - their desire to fit in and be accepted for who they are and what they like, and to have the freedom to express their passions and pleasures without criticism and ridicule. I applaud Nationwide Children’s Hospital for their dedication to providing meaningful resources to kids and their families, and for actively raising awareness and having the important conversations surrounding children’s mental health."

Nathan Sawaya, The Art of the Brick
Pray for Sleep

"It's really important to us to break the stigma around mental health, especially with children and young adults because we all have personally dealt with depression and anxiety and have seen the effects it can have if left without treatment. We have had friends commit suicide because they simply didn't know how to deal with their mental health, so to have this campaign to raise awareness and educate means others won't have to deal with the struggles alone, and maybe one day no one will have to learn to cope with the loss of close friends and family because of programs like this."

Grant Decrane, Pray for Sleep