Frequently Asked Questions

One in five children is living with a mental illness and 50 percent of all lifetime mental illness starts by age 14, yet there is still stigma around this national health crisis. On Our Sleeves was launched by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to build a community of support for children living with mental illness through advocacy, education and fundraising for much-needed research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of On Our Sleeves?

The On Our Sleeves movement, launched on World Mental Health Day 2018, is on a national mission to break the silence surrounding children’s mental health.

Partnering with Nationwide Children’s Hospital as one of America’s leading voices in pediatric mental health, we are determined to offer hope and to transform mental health outcomes for children everywhere. Millions of children and families across America are living with mental illness. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma around mental illness in children and young adults, provide much needed educational resources and accelerate funding for research at Nationwide Children’s.

What does On Our Sleeves mean?

The On Our Sleeves campaign takes a classic saying (We don’t wear our heart on our sleeves) and brings new life to its application. The illustrative graphics are placed on the arms or sleeves of children and teens to symbolize thoughts and feelings associated with mental health. The message encourages everyone to engage with this topic because we ultimately don’t know what may be going on in someone’s life.

What do the icons mean?

If kids could wear their thoughts on their sleeves, what would they look like? Our On Our Sleeves icons visualize what you may see if you could know what’s on a child’s mind. Each icon represents potential thoughts and feelings someone could have, using simple illustrations to symbolize complex emotions. However, a person’s experiences will define what these icons mean to them.

How will donations to this campaign be used?

Children’s mental health is an often overlooked and vastly underfunded component of pediatric health and research. Lack of healthcare resources and funding only complicate and hinder efforts to make significant changes that impact our youth during these critically important formative years. Gifts of any size will help us accelerate pediatric mental health research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which operates the nation’s largest program for child and adolescent behavioral health. In March, 2020, Nationwide Children’s will dedicate the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion with the goal of developing a national model for pediatric mental health care and research. Learnings gained from clinicians and scientists at Nationwide Children’s will be freely shared to improve care for children everywhere.

What does the future of pediatric mental health look like at Nationwide Children’s?

Thanks to a transformational $50 million gift from Big Lots and their Foundation, Nationwide Children’s Hospital will construct the largest behavioral health treatment and research center just for children and adolescents in the nation. The building is slated to open in early 2020.

How do you get involved or find more information?

This campaign website provides direct access to local resources, blog posts, tip sheets, conversation starters, ways to get involved, videos, podcasts and much more. There are also special resource sections for employers and professionals.

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