Marti Post

Marti Bledsoe Post

Marti is passionate about children's mental health because she cares deeply about all kids having what they need to grow up healthy and whole.

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Meet the On Our Sleeves Executive Director

Marti Bledsoe Post is the executive director of the On Our Sleeves movement for children’s mental health.

In her role with the On Our Sleeves movement, Marti leads strategy and operations with the goal of ensuring every community in America has access to free, evidence-informed mental health resources to break stigmas and educate families and advocates. She collaborates with the team to advance programming, fundraising and national visibility for the movement. 

Marti is passionate about advocating for children, families and wellness as the founder of a’parently, a consultancy offering programs and resources to support parents in the workplace. The company grew under her vision and leadership to work with corporations across the country, providing training for parents and leaders alike. Marti is a published author and sought-after national speaker on parents in the workforce.

In addition to founding a’parently, Marti has a distinguished career in leadership roles in strategy, business development, marketing and communications. She most recently served as chief strategy officer for Mindset Digital and prior to that as vice president, Strategy, for the digital agency Mindstream Interactive.

Marti is the proud mom of two school-aged kids and an Ohio native. She earned her undergraduate degree from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and her master’s degree from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

Marti has worked with many prestigious brands and companies throughout her career, but none more powerful than our partners in this work to break the stigma around children’s mental heath and advocate for children and families everywhere.

By joining the On Our Sleeves team, Marti has found the perfect intersection of her experience, passion and purpose – helping parents and advocates help kids – which builds confidence for adults and healthier futures for children.