Our Impact

Our advocates and partners stepped up in 2020 and made sure children’s mental health remained a priority. Without them, the growth of On Our Sleeves and all that has been accomplished would not have been possible.

Educational Reach

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The mission of On Our Sleeves is to provide every community in America with free resources necessary for breaking child mental health stigmas and educating families and advocates. Our educational materials focus on boosting children’s mental health and wellness.

Share Your Feelings

The “Share Your Feelings” lesson plan, created with the Harlem Globetrotters, has been downloaded more than 33,000 times.

767,160 students impacted.

Day Time Break

The “Day Time Break” lesson plan, developed with the support of Christina and Ryan Day, was downloaded more than 31,000 times.

408,600 students impacted.

Growing Our Gratitude

The “Growing Our Gratitude” activity to plant seeds of gratitude and share with a friend was viewed by more than 380,000.

50,000 people participated from all 50 states.

Impactful Curriculum

What parents and educators are saying about On Our Sleeves' free resources and school curriculum. 

"Perfect timing to help youth work through this process and support their overall mental health and well-being."

"With this curriculum, I believe the kids in our county will benefit from learning how to deal with all the obstacles and challenges from COVID-19 as well as everyday life."

"In our rural community, we lack solid curriculum and resources such as this to offer to our youth."


Partners and Advocates

We all share a common goal. We all hope children and families who are experiencing mental health disorders have access to the help they need.

Partners help us build a movement for change and address the need today.

Download the On Our Sleeves Impact Report

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