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The coronavirus turned our worlds upside down, and our kids were no exception. Check out these resources and guides to help you manage working from home, remote learning and life in general during COVID-19.

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Dealing with Quarantine After Exposure to COVID-19

Staying home and away from others after being exposed to COVID-19 can be stressful, boring, frustrating, and scary for us and our children. Our experts provide some ways to better prepare for and cope with quarantine.


Help Children With Special Needs Navigate COVID-19

Adjusting to a new routine, like wearing masks or social distancing, can be stressful for everyone, but especially challenging for children who have rigid routines or heightened sensitivity to change. Here are some common recommendations to help with communication, understanding and coping.


COVID-19: Is Your Child Getting Enough Rest?

COVID-19 has led to even more disruption in sleep schedules because of variable school schedules and increased stress. Learn more about common sleep problems in children.


Help Kids Get Used to Seeing and Wearing Masks

Masks have become part of our everyday wardrobe. Children may have trouble adjusting to seeing friends, family and teachers wearing a mask. Here's how to talk to your child on why face masks are needed, and how to help them wear one.


Parenting in the Pandemic with Dr. Parker

On Our Sleeves’ Parenting in the Pandemic with Dr. Parker answers your questions about parenting and supporting children’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic – from school stress, to anxiety, managing relationships, and more.


Support Kids' Changing Schedules and Routines

Before COVID-19, you had your routine and schedule. Wake up times, meal times, school, work, bedtimes. Life might look a little messy right now - and that’s okay. We are here to provide some help and support for what that new routine and schedule look like.


Managing Student Transitions During COVID-19

Students, more than most, may be struggling with the transitions that have resulted from COVID-19. Learn tips from our behavioral health experts on how you can navigate them through this time.


Teaching Mental Health

On Our Sleeves joined forces with mental health advocates Nina and Ryan Day and the Harlem Globetrotters to bring you these tools to help teach mental health.


Working from Home

If you are among the families trying to balance child care with remote work, here are some simple strategies you can use to problem solve and plan ahead to avoid challenging behavior.


Addressing Kids’ Fear of Going Back to School

Maybe you’ve already talked to your kids about what this school year will look like. But there are still unknowns, and just like adults, these can make kids fearful. Here are some tips for easing their fears this school year.

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