Helping Kids Build Friendships and Relationships

How can I help my child make friends? It’s a question we hear a lot. We know friendships are good for children’s mental health. And having relationships with friends, family, teachers and community members is an important part of building a sense of connection and belonging.

Learn about skills to teach your child to build friendships in and out of the classroom, and with kids who may be different from them.

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Helping Kids Make Friends

Teaching your child social skills may help them make friends more easily. It’s a skill that they’ll use their entire lives - throughout childhood, the teenage years and adulthood.


Encouraging Student Friendships

As we hear about increasing reports of people feeling isolated, making friends is more important than ever– and as an educator, you are in the perfect position to encourage friendships.


Helping Kids Build Inclusive Relationships

Positive relationships with peers can help boost kids’ self-esteem and happiness levels. They may also lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

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