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We believe mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why as part of our On Our Sleeves movement, we are sharing valuable resources. We want to ensure kids everywhere have the best start in life, and to give them the voice they deserve.

Resources to Share with Patient Families

Download or share these resources with patient families. Want general information on On Our Sleeves to share? Request resource cards and posters for your office.

Growing our Gratitude: Research shows that people who practice gratitude -- who think about the good things in their life -- are healthier and happier. Download our practice activity and the corresponding worksheets to talk about gratitude and the importance of practicing it every day. 

Healthy Habits: Habits are so important to mental health because they impact how we think, act, feel and behave. It's important for children to develop healthy habits, our experts have ways for you to put them into practice.

Guide to Good Sleep: Check out these tips, tricks and resources for getting the right amount of zzz’s, no matter your child’s age (and maybe a good refresher for you, too!).

Get Mentally Fit: Keeping our brain in shape is just as important as physical fitness. That's why we have 22 suggestions for you and your family to help stay mentally fit and maintain your mental wellness.

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