Belonging Builds Children's Mental Health

We all long to feel like we fit in. Children who feel connected - to their families, their schools, their teams and their communities - see physical and mental health benefits.

A sense of belonging and being included leads kids to feel more secure, which builds social, emotional and thinking skills.

And there are things that parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches and mentors can do to help build a child's sense of belonging. Are you ready to get started?

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Belonging Boosts Kids Mental Health

Learn about four ways to help children improve their sense of fitting in and how belonging helps children feel connected and secure.


Helping Children Who Feel Like They Don't Fit In

Some children struggle with feeling like they don’t fit in. You can help them grow their sense of belonging.


Why Belonging Matters for Underrepresented Children

Children who are minoritized, may experience barriers to belonging. Help support and grow their connections.


Why School Belonging Matters

Teachers and parents can help build a sense of classroom or school belonging that improves academic performance and builds self-confidence.

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