How to Start a Conversation With Kids

Kids are constantly going through a variety of emotions. How do you continue to know what they are going through? How do you build relationships so that they come to you?

By starting conversations – and keeping them going. Having conversations is crucial to healthy growth and development. And the more you practice, the more you can build your confidence to tackle life’s tough subjects with your kids, such as mental health concerns, racism and tragedy. Our resources can guide you in getting started and giving advice, along with how to talk about difficult topics.

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Step 2: Keeping the Conversation Going

Once you’ve started important conversations about thoughts, feelings and experiences, how do you keep kids talking and create an atmosphere where they’ll keep coming back to you with future problems or worries? How did you make that experience rewarding – and pleasant – for kids? 


Step 3: Problem Solving and Giving Advice to Kids

Your child has opened up during a conversation and has told what you what’s going on. But you have questions, concerns or you want to provide advice. How do you react? What do you do?


Cómo hablar con los niños sobre su salud mental

Conversar sobre la salud mental con sus hijos puede resultar difícil. Cuanto antes converse con su hijo, más fácil será responder y conseguirle ayuda.


Setting Limits and Rules in a Positive Way

Kids have their own thoughts, opinions and goals. And our conversations with them can sometimes wind up in arguments or frustration. Learn how you can set limits and rules while continuing to have a positive relationship with your child, despite having tough conversations.

Operation Conversation

Operation: Conversation

What is Operation: Conversation? It’s a check-in on kids' mental health. When we start simple habits of conversations, we can learn about concerns or problems kids are dealing with, help them problem solve, and build their confidence for life's difficult moments.

More Conversation Starters


Questions to Ask Kids at the Dinner Table

With busy schedules and activities, it's sometimes challenging to start conversations with our little ones or teenagers. Sitting down together at the dinner table is the perfect opportunity. Here are some questions to help get the conversation going.


Hablar con los niños sobre el racismo

Cada familia, sin importar su origen, debe tener conversaciones sobre raza y racismo. Use estos recursos para ayudar a guiarse, desde iniciar la conversación hasta conversar de temas más complicados.


Hablar con los niños sobre eventos actuales

Por mucho que queramos proteger la salud mental, los pensamientos y los sentimientos de nuestros niños escudándolos de noticias aterradoras o eventos actuales, a menudo toman conciencia de ello debido a las conversaciones con compañeros de la escuela o a través de las redes sociales.


Talking to Kids About Social Media

Social media is an important conversation for parents and caregivers to have with their kids. Get tips on how to talk to kids about what they see on social media, how they use it and get sample questions you can ask your kids. 


Talking to Kids About Politics

Talking about politics is always tricky. A frequent question we’re asked is, "How can we navigate talking about politics with our children?"


How to Start Conversations with Neurodiverse Kids

Neurodiverse children might have trouble talking about their experiences or feelings. We have ideas to help deepen your relationship and improve mental health.


Starting Conversations with Kids Who Are Non-Verbal

You can support kids who are non-verbal making efforts to communicate their thoughts or feelings, work to implement visual or non-vocal supports, and show interest in the things that the child is excited about. 

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