How to Deal With Loss

Loss can be many things - a relationship gone wrong. A young love or friendship that ends. The death of a loved one or beloved pet. It can even be a big disappointment that results in losing something important to you. While loss affects us in many different ways, it’s important to learn coping strategies for our mental health.

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Supporting Children Through Loss or Change

Children feel sad about many losses like a friend moving, a beloved teacher leaving their class or an ongoing family conflict. How can you help them cope?


Helping Children Grieve a Death

Many children will experience the death of a parent, sibling or other close person in their life before the age of 18. Grief, the emotional pain and distress one experiences after a loved one’s death, is one of the most common disruptive experiences in childhood.


Processing Grief with Kids

When there is a death in a family, children and teens may feel strong emotions and difficulty processing and understanding.


Helping Children Cope with Divorce and Separation

How do we talk to our children about divorce and separation?


How to Talk to Children About Death

How do we talk to our children about death and dying in a way that won’t scare them but respects their curiosity?

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