Mental Health Curriculums for Teachers

According to a survey by First Book, 98% of educators say mental health challenges act as a barrier to children’s education.

On Our Sleeves is here to help. Use these curriculums in your classrooms to support your students’ mental health.

Emotional Empowerment Teacher Curriculum

Emotional Empowerment (designed for grades 1-6)

This program, created with the educational experts at Young Minds Inspired, helps students identify and manage their emotions with step-by-step instructions for teachers. Activities are broken down by grades 1-3 and 4-6 and are available in Spanish. There’s also a certificate to give students once they complete the activities. A reproducible parent letter is also included (in both English and Spanish). Curriculum standards are provided. 

On Our Sleeves Day Time Break Resource

Day Time Break (middle and high school)

Created with the educational experts at Young Minds Inspired, the curriculum covers mental health facts, dispels myths and develops practical strategies for building empathy and improving self-care. This curriculum, provided by the generosity of the Christina and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness, is for middle and high school and includes educator and family tip sheets, printable posters on practicing gratitude and more. Both curriculums are available in Spanish.

Share Your Feelings Teacher Curriculum

Share Your Feelings (grades 3-5)

In partnership with the Harlem Globetrotters, this program is designed for older elementary school students to explore their feelings more deeply and offers ideas for coping with stress. There are resources on how to engage kids in conversation, fun activities and a letter for parents and caregivers. The activities and letter are also provided in Spanish.

Taking Care Guide

Taking Care: An Educator Guide to Healthy Habits for Student Emotional Wellness (grades 1-8)

Developed in partnership with First Book, this guide contains best practices and activities to enhance mental fitness and resiliency and decrease stress and anxiety. It also includes self-care tips for educators.

Mooderators Getting Started Teachers

The Mooderators (grades 1-4)

On Our Sleeves teamed up with GoNoodle to provide videos and resources to talk about big feelings in children with The Mooderators. Skylar and Clara, “The Mooderators,” talk to kids about how to express themselves and to get kids up and moving. Each episode contains a guide so you can talk about it in the classroom.

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