How Sleep Impacts Children's Mental Health

Sleep plays a huge role in children's mental health. Sleep is related to kids' energy levels (not enough can make them hyperactive!) and lack of sleep is also related to increased depression or anxiety symptoms.

And of course, sleep is important for their focus and motivation with their daily activities - school, sports and extra curriculars.

We have resources for helping your child get the right amount of zzz’s, no matter your child’s age, and we have solutions for some of the most common sleep problems.


Sleep and Children's Mental Health

Sleep helps our brains pay attention, learn new skills and remember things. When kids don’t get enough sleep, it can increase negative emotions.


Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep impacts a child’s mental health including feelings and stress levels. Get simple routines and habits that can help your child get enough sleep.


Bedtime Battles

When it comes to getting kids to bed and staying in bed long enough to fall asleep, we need to reward them for good behavior and ignore undesired behaviors.


Helping Children Fall Asleep

If your child needs certain things at bedtime or can’t stay asleep without something (parent, bottle, etc.) present all night, we have solutions.

Additional Resources