How to Navigate Mental Health and the Holidays

Most families would say that the holiday season normally brings both elements of joy and difficulty. See how to handle the holidays with less stress, start conversations and enjoy family traditions with the help of On Our Sleeves’ resources.

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Handling Holiday Stress

Most families would say that the holiday season normally brings both elements of joy and difficulty. But with illnesses circulating, costs going up, pressure to get the best toys and gifts and full calendars, we can struggle with feelings of stress or disappointment.


Gratitude and Kindness at the Holidays

You may already know that gratitude and kindness are helpful for your child’s mental health. But how do you hold on to that during a busy holiday season? And how can you help your children learn to be thankful when they receive a gift that’s not to their liking or not as great as what they see someone else get?

Holiday Traditions Build Connections

We know that social and family connections are important for our mental health and wellness. The holidays are a great time to build those connections with your children, family, and friends.


6 Reasons Why It's Good for You to Volunteer

You may already know how great it is for your mental health, but did you know there’s a growing body of research that volunteering is great for your physical health as well?


Celebrating Non-Majority Holidays

If your family celebrates a holiday that is not celebrated by the majority culture, your child may feel invisible, ashamed or left out. Some children may even get teased for celebrating holidays that are different than everyone else's.


Holiday Shopping with Kids

Our experts have some simple steps you can take to help encourage good behavior from children during holiday errands.


8 Ways To Teach Kids About Giving and Sharing During the Holidays

Finding ways to involve your kids in acts of generosity this holiday season may help to boost their happiness levels, which may inspire them to seek out opportunities to be more giving throughout their lifetimes.


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