Screens, Tech and Kids' Mental Health

It’s probably no surprise that screen time and social media usage are going up (by more than an hour PER DAY in the past two years, according to a study by JAMA Pediatrics). But how can that impact children’s mental health?

Gaming, social media and screen time are like a lot of activities – they come with benefits and risks. You can help children by starting conversations around how they’re using technology, helping them navigate it and educate them on how to stay safe online with our resources. Learn about when it may be a problem and how social media can impact children with certain mental health conditions.


Talking to Kids About Social Media

Social media is an important conversation for parents and caregivers to have with their kids. Get tips on how to talk to kids about what they see on social media, how they use it and get sample questions you can ask your kids. 


Gaming and Kids' Mental Health

Online and video gaming isn’t all bad or all good for children’s mental health. There are things you can do as a family to decide what is important to you around gaming and how to set boundaries and limits on games that you can all agree on.


Using Social Media Wisely

Social media has many benefits but also risks: oversharing, addiction. Teach kids how to be smart on social by teaching them about how companies' market to kids on social media to make it addictive and get your child to think through the messages they’re seeing on social media.


Kids Privacy and Social Media

It’s important to think about privacy matters when it comes to your child’s social media.  Get tips on controlling chat features, reporting or blocking troubling posts and restricting advertising. 


How to Make a Family Social Media Plan

Making a social media plan as a family can get everyone talking about online manners, safety, limitations and consequences. Download a social media plan template for your family to use.


Signs Your Child is Stuck on Screens

Worried your kid has a screen addiction? Learn about the signs that your child may be suffering from negative mental health impacts because they are spending too much time with social media, gaming or other screens.


How Does Social Media Impact Kids with Mental Disorders?

For kids with ADHD, eating disorders, depression anxiety disorders and other mental health disorders, social media may carry more risk. See what questions to ask and things to consider.