How to Support Mental Health Needs for Others

If your child or someone special in your life is living with mental illness or struggling with their mental health, you can make all the difference in their life by being a shoulder to lean on. Talking with loved ones about mental health gives you the opportunity to provide them with important information, support and guidance.

From friends and loved ones, to caregivers and family, check out these tips and resources to support the mental health needs of those close to you.

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Here are five ways you can support a friend turned caregiver of a child who has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.


What Do You Do Once You Receive a Diagnosis?

Once your child receives a diagnosis, there can be a flood of emotions. Relief. Anger. Denial. Worry. Know that there is hope. Here are other ways to stay informed and help with your journey.


Supporting LGBTQ Youth: Tips for Family Members

Here are some ways that families can create an accepting environment for children and adolescents to feel comfortable coming out.


ADHD Changes in Children as They Grow and Develop

Because of their delays in self-regulation, kids and adolescents with ADHD typically have difficulty meeting the daily expectations that increase with age. Learn what to expect.

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