For Teachers: How to Prepare for School

As you prepare for a new school year, we know you’re probably experiencing a mixture of emotions. It’s important to allow yourself time to adjust to new schedules and new ways of doing things. From preparing your students to go back into the classroom to supporting your fellow teachers, our behavioral health experts share tools and resources to help ensure this school year is a success.

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Classroom Conversation Starters

Getting to know your students is a great way to build classroom community and help all students feel included. We’ve come up with some conversation starters that you can use with your class.

Mental Health Curriculums for Teachers

Teachers, use these curriculums in your classrooms to support your students' mental health.


How Teachers Can Support Other Teachers

It’s so important to have a support system during this time. Turn to other teachers as dependable sources of empathy, understanding and mutual self-care. Here are a few ideas.


4 Tips to Support Kids’ Social Emotional Learning

As an early learning professional, you are aware that building emotion regulation, social skills and empathy in young children lays the foundation for their long-term academic and social success. Here are four tips on how to support this.


Wellness Tips for Students

Add wellness tips for your students to help them manage their mental health during the school day.


Supporting Students This School Year

As students prepare to begin a new school year, they will have varying levels of understanding about returning to school in person, as well as any changes to school routines and safety procedures. Here are five tips on how to talk to them.

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