Pledge to Do One Small Thing

One small action.

That’s all it takes to start your journey to become a mental health advocate. If we all take an action to start conversations, help others and break stigmas, we can make a difference.

Select an advocacy action (or two) below that you’ll take. And tell us what you did to help inspire others. 

  1. Check in with someone. Send a text or email. Call. Go for coffee. These are simple ways to support others who may be going through something. Little moments like these can create positive feelings and boost a person’s sense of self-worth.
  2. Unplug at dinner and have a conversation. Simple, everyday conversations when a child has your full attention can provide a safe opportunity for them to talk about the things that they are having a hard time handling or are upsetting to them. Likewise, reinforcing those things that they are excited by, or are handling well, helps build social and emotional resiliency that may help buffer them from future challenges. View our conversation starters for ideas.
  3. Resolve not to use stigmatizing language. Bipolar. Nuts. Casually throwing these terms around can do a great deal of harm to someone who may be personally suffering in silence or have a friend/family member doing the same. Resolve to watch what words you use and educate others.
  4. Perform a random act of kindness. Hold the door for someone. Smile. Lend a hand. Because we don’t wear our thoughts on our sleeves, we don’t know what someone is going through. Your kindness can help someone who may be struggling or feeling down. A random act of kindness can help them – and you – feel connected and more positive – which in turn helps our mental health and wellbeing.

Tell us what you did to advocate (or what you plan to do) and you may be featured on our website, social media or in an upcoming community email!

Make the Pledge