Mental Wellness Tools

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Mental Health During the Holidays

Take on the holiday at full speed with the help of On Our Sleeves.

On Our Sleeves Coronavirus Guide

Behavioral Health Resources for Coronavirus

Kids pay attention to the news. On Our Sleeves has expect resources and guides to help you manage life during coronavirus.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Guide to Good Sleep

Check out these tips, tricks and resources for getting the right amount of zzz’s, no matter your child’s age (and maybe a good refresher for you, too!).

Healthy Habits

How to help kids develop healthy habits

Habits are so important to mental health because they impact how we think, act, feel and behave. It's important for children to develop healthy habits, our experts have ways for you to put them into practice.

Nutrition Brain Health

How good nutrition promotes brain health

Our experts have seven ways to encourage your child to eat for better brain health.

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Talking to Kids in Times of Tragedy

A note from Dr. Parker Huston about the current events in Washington, D.C.

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10 Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy

Breaks from school and holidays can be stressful for you and your family. Here are 10 tips to help you stay mentally healthy. 

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Get Mentally Fit

Keeping our brain in shape is just as important as physical fitness. That's why we have 22 suggestions for you and your family to help stay mentally fit and maintain your mental wellness.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Screen Time Resources

What exactly is screen time and how do you regulate it best for your child? Our behavioral health experts help answer all your questions about the internet and how your child uses it.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Back-to-School Guide

Summer has flown by and suddenly it’s time to get ready for the school year again. The transition back into the school routine is one that can often be hard for both students and caregivers.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Empowering Song Playlist

Help us building our On Our Sleeves Empowering Song playlist!

Suicide Myths

5 Myths About Suicide

Test your knowledge about the five myths surrounding suicide.

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Intentional Creativity®

The Intentional Creativity® method brings an innovative, groundbreaking, transformational approach to your busy life.

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Icon Collection

Each icon represents potential thoughts and feelings someone could have, using simple illustrations to symbolize complex emotions. Your experiences will define what these icons mean to you.


Video Resources

Watch and learn from our variety of video resources to share with you and your family. 

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Boredom Guide

Did you know it’s actually good for our kids’ brains to experience boredom?

Find out what boredom really is and what’s happening in our brains when we feel this way, tips to combat boredom, age-appropriate ideas for unstructured play and what to do about boredom when you’re stuck inside this winter.

Convo Starters

Convo Starters

Ask your kids their favorite joke. Or the best thing about school. Our experts have conversation starters to help you encourage discussions about thoughts and feelings in everyday life.