Back-To-School Resources for Teachers

As you prepare for back to school, we know you’re probably experiencing feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty. Anxiousness about your health, and the health of your family and students. And uncertainty about how you can continue to be an effective educator amidst constantly changing back-to-school models and the addition of online learning. Here our behavioral health experts have provided tips and resources for you to start the school year off right.


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Coping with Uncertainty

Am I going back to school? When will I get to meet my students? Will the technology work? Will I understand how to use the technology? Here are some tips for how to handle the uncertainty of the upcoming school year.

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How to talk to and support your students this school year

There’s no doubt about it. Your students will have questions as they start school. Children are most likely receiving different amounts and types of information at home. They will have varying levels of understanding about the pandemic and the changes to school routines and safety procedures. Here are some tips on how to talk to them.

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Teachers Supporting Teachers: How You can Help Each Other

It’s so important to have a support system during this time. Turn to other teachers as dependable sources of empathy, understanding and mutual self-care. Here are a few ideas.

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Virtual Learning: Tips to Keep Your Students Engaged

Let’s face it, making a connection with your students virtually is much more difficult than in-person. See how to keep kids engaged.

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A Little Bit About Me Teacher Checklists

Ending the school year in a virtual environment is a little different than starting the year that way. Last year – when the pandemic sent us home to shelter in place – you had the benefit of seeing and getting to know your students on a daily basis for most of the year. No matter how you go back to school, this Teacher Checklist will help you get to know your students this year.

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