Schedules and Routines

Before COVID-19, you had your routine and schedule. Wake up times, meal times, school, work, bedtimes. Life might look a little messy right now - and that’s okay. 

But we are here to provide some help and support for what that new routine and schedule look like. Our Behavioral Health experts have created sample schedules for you to download and use throughout your day too. 

COVID-19: Our New Routine - PediaCast 457

In the midst of a pandemic, life goes on. Dr. Mike discusses new routines with  Dr. Yolanda Evans, a pediatrician and mother living in the Seattle epicenter of COVID-19. 

VIDEO: Rescheduling Appointments

If someone in your family has a behavioral health condition and regularly scheduled appointments. Should you be rescheduling them? Watch the video above to see what Dr. Molly Gardner wants parents to know.

Routines and Schedules

In a time when life feels out of control, routines can give us all a sense of stability and comfort and an opportunity for our families to thrive. If you are struggling with your current routine or want to look at putting some in place here are a few ideas. 

The Power of Routines for Young Children

Repetition, in the form of routines, has many benefits for children. When children know what to expect from a situation, they are more able to cope with it. Learn more on the power of routines.

Sample Schedules

Our Behavioral Health experts are here to help you with your new schedule. They have created a sample schedule with suggested ideas for you and a blank one for you to fill out! To get started, choose your child’s age range and then download!

COVID19 Sample Schedule Young Kids Screenshot

Sample Schedule for Young Kids

Our sample schedule for younger kids includes movement time, distance learning and educational activities.

Download Now

COVID19 Sample Schedule Older Kids Screenshot

Sample Schedule for Older Kids

Our sample schedule for older kids includes exercise time, distance learning and a creativity break.

Download Now

COVID19 Sample Schedule Blank Screenshot

Blank Schedule

Download a blank schedule to create a routine that works best for you and your family.

Download Now

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