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On Our Sleeves Animated Icon What does an exclamation point mean to you?

On Our Sleeves: Exclamation Point

What does an exclamation point mean to you?

The exclamation point can mean excitement, surprise or an intense level of happiness for some. It’s often used to show extreme importance about something that means a great deal to you. But an exclamation point also can have a negative meaning for some.

Frustration, nervousness, agitation. Sometimes these feelings can cause a sense of being overwhelmed – an intense punctuation of your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings. To some, an exclamation mark might also signal something very serious, such as outbursts from built-up anger, or something simmering underneath, such as pain from a traumatic experience, or feeling out of control from substance abuse or another addiction. An exclamation point might be your signal that you need others to pay attention to you and offer help.

If things feel increasingly intense, frustrating or out of control, reach out to someone you trust.

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