New Year's Resolution: I'm Going to Stop Saying...


This coming year, set a goal to stop saying words that shine a negative light on mental illness. Words like “crazy,” “insane,” or “psycho” can be pretty hurtful and suggest that having a mental health diagnosis is a really bad thing.

Changing language can definitely be challenging, so here are some tips:
  1. Choose the word or words you want to stop saying.
  2. Then, find words you can use to replace them. For example, instead of “that’s crazy,” maybe something like “that’s unbelievable.”
  3. Next, catch yourself and correct yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for slip-ups in the beginning. Just simply notice what you said, and rephrase it.
  4. Finally, get other people on board with this challenge. We all know change is easier if we have an accountability buddy, and on top of that, we are creating even more change in the world by spreading awareness.