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Just as it is with so many issues, the statistics often tell the story. But when talking about mental health concerns in children, the statistics are sobering. More than 10 percent of children 8 to 11 years old have experienced a mental illness with severe impairment, and that percentage doubles for teenagers. In fact, half of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14. With that in mind, we know that identifying and treating mental health issues early in a child's life can lead to a more manageable future for that individual.

Unfortunately, of the one in five children living with mental illness today, only 50 percent of them receive any behavioral health treatment. While this presents some significant challenges at home and at school, the workplace is by no means immune to the problem. Parents must take time off to care for their child with mental health concerns just as they would for their child who is physically ill. But these parents also face the stigma that is often associated with mental health issues, making it difficult to talk about, and leaving them feeling unsupported and helpless. Employers like you can help offset some of this burden by lending support to these employees. And the On Our Sleeves movement is here to provide helpful resources to support your employees.

The On Our Sleeves movement, developed with the experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is on a national mission to break the silence and stigma surrounding children’s mental health. Nationwide Children's experts have compiled valuable resources to help you advocate for and educate employees. While some of these materials are designed to help employees initiate conversations with fellow employees or their children, they also include information about important research discoveries and how we can all work together to advance the cause. When it comes to helping your employees navigate these challenges, we hope you'll take advantage of these resources and join us in this movement.

On Our Sleeves Resources to Help Your Employees

The effects of pediatric mental health are felt at home and at school, but also in the workplace. Parents and caregivers often take time away from the office to care for their children living with a mental illness, just as they would for a physical illness.

On Our Sleeves has created some emotional support resources for caregivers that help you support your employees.

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Spending quality time and maintaining conversations with children is a great way to prevent or reduce the impact of mental health issues.

The On Our Sleeves interactive tools are great ways to these conversations in a fun, engaging way.

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Advocating for mental health is not just for parents and caregivers. Here are 5 things all of your employees can do to help:

  1. Be a mentor and a role model, acknowledge and show interest in kids around you.
  2. Help make your neighborhood safe, look out for others.
  3. Acknowledge and show interest in kids around you.
  4. Support family and child promoting policies at your work and in the community
  5. Be an advocate for kids!

If you’d like to share some of the On Our Sleeves campaign information with your employees, here are some sample internal communications you can use:

Intranet/Internal Email

One in five children is living with a mental illness. Because kids don't wear their thoughts on their sleeves, we don't know what they might be going through.

It’s time to have an important local and national conversation about children’s mental health. It’s time to raise our voices for this important cause.

This May is Mental Health Awareness month and we are excited to support On Our Sleeves, an empowering movement for children’s mental health. This effort emphasizes the need to break stigmas about mental illness in children, provides critical education and resources for families and raises vitally needed funds to accelerate mental health research discoveries.

Join us in supporting the movement to transform children’s mental health.

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Corporate Social Accounts

The easiest way to support the On Our Sleeves campaign on social media is to amplify messaging from Nationwide Children's social accounts with your corporation's accounts.

Additionally, if you would like to contribute outside of amplification, below is a sample message that you can share on your corporate social media channels:

Because we don’t wear our thoughts on our sleeves, we stand with #OnOurSleeves to help transform children’s mental health. Visit to join the movement and get involved. #MentalHealthMonth

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