Resources For Schools

Children spend more than 1,000 hours in school each year. As teachers, coaches and school administrators, you know that mental well-being plays an important part in a child’s academic success.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we partner with schools to help student’s overcome life’s problems, feel better, manage their relationships with others and improve how they do in school.

Our programs include:

  • Ohio Preschool Expulsion Prevention Partnership: This resource helps licensed preschools and child care providers in Ohio with preschool-age children whose behavior poses challenges in the preschool setting, putting them at risk for expulsion.
  • Individual and group therapy in schools: Licensed mental health professionals provide one-on-one and group therapy on-site at more than 50 schools through Care Connection, school-based health services.
  • PAX Good Behavior Game: Used in elementary schools, this teacher-driven program improves the ways students manage their emotions, behavior and relationships. PAX has been shown to improve how well children do in school. A local elementary school saw a 50 percent decrease in suspension days per student after implementing PAX.
  • Signs of Suicide® Program: Offered in grades 6-12, this program has been shown to reduce suicide attempts by students by 40 to 60 percent. The program teaches staff and students how to identify and respond to those in distress. More than 24,000 central Ohio students have gone through this program.
  • Positive Parenting Program (Triple P): gives parents of children ages birth to age 8 new skills to raise confident, healthy children and to build stronger family relationships. It helps parents prevent problems from occurring in the first place and manage misbehavior. It is the most extensively studied, evidence-based parenting program. This program is free for your students’ parents.

Helpful Links for Schools

Franklin County Youth Psychiatric Crisis Line
  • Call (614) 722-1800 for 24/7 access to trained clinicians who can help assess, provide advice and recommendations, and support next steps for students in crisis. Call any time you need help.
  • Reasons to call:
    • You think a student might be suicidal.
    • A student has told you he or she is suicidal.
    • You think a student may need to be taken to the emergency room.
    • You’re concerned a student is experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • The Crisis Line staff will help perform a risk assessment to determine the nature of the need.
On Our Sleeves in Your Classroom

See how an art teacher incorporates the On Our Sleeves icons and a discussion about the importance of mental health into her classroom. 

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Safe School Helpline
  • See Something ... Say Something. Break the Silence ... Prevent the Event. 
  • Safe School Helpline: 24/7 (confidential reporting on bullying/harassment, drug/alcohol abuse, talk of suicide, violence)

1-800-4-1-VOICE ext: 359 or 1-800-418-6423 ext. 359

Preschool Prevention Expulsion Partnership

Do you have a child who is no longer a good fit at your preschool?

Does this child’s challenges put them at risk for expulsion?

Now there’s support available to you.

Call the Ohio Preschool Expulsion Prevention Partnership at 844-678-ABCs (2227) or complete our online request form. The information provided will immediately be forwarded to an early childhood consultant in your area.

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Teacher Tips

Download these tips about behavioral health concerns you may see in the classroom.

Wellness Tips

Wellness tips for students can help them manage their mental health during the school day.

Use any of the following during morning announcements, in your classes, in parent newsletters and more. You can also encourage students to share ways they are using these tips.

A special thanks to our Nationwide Children’s Care Connection School-Based Behavioral Health staff for creating this wonderful resource!

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Intentional Creativity® Videos

The Intentional Creativity® method brings an innovative, groundbreaking, transformational approach to your busy life. It's designed to engage the whole body, whole brain and whole beauty of human being. In the videos below, you will draw an anchor and/or a butterfly to connect to your feelings for calm and support using art, writing and mindfulness practices. The best part, no experience is necessary! Use this step-by-step video to take you through the painting process from start to finish. Work at your own pace and have fun!

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More Resources

I would like to download a copy of the "Working with Students Presenting Suicidal Behavior" guide book.