Advocate with Us

Being a mental health advocate is easy. Just use your voice, your actions and these On Our Sleeves advocacy tools to get started. 

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Pledge to Be an Advocate

One small action. That’s all it takes to start your journey to become a mental health advocate.

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Advocacy Toolkit

Access our On Our Sleeves Advocacy Toolkit, an online hub filled education, statistics and resources that you can share with your personal and professional networks.

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Meet Our Advocates

The On Our Sleeves movement has inspired others to advocate for children's mental health.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Be Social

See what people are saying about On Our Sleeves. Want to participate? Click here to get involved and share on your social media with #OnOurSleeves.

On Our Sleeves Advocacy 101

Advocacy 101

Enroll in Advocacy 101, a four-week course to raise awareness, reduce stigma and give you the tools to advocate for mental health. 

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Take the Kindness Challenge

Take the On Our Sleeves Kindness Challenge - now updated with virtual and at-home activities!

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Show Us Your Pet

Pet's really are a man's, woman's and child's best friend. Here are four benefits of adding a furry (or not so furry) friend to your home.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Back-to-School Guide

Summer has flown by and suddenly it’s time to get ready for the school year again. The transition back into the school routine is one that can often be hard for both students and caregivers.

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Mental Health During the Holidays

Take on the holiday at full speed with the help of On Our Sleeves.

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Sign Our Interactive Mural

Sign our interactive mural to share how you are advocating for children's mental health.