Advocacy 101

On Our Sleeves Advocacy 101 

One in five children is living with a mental illness. That could be your child, your student, your niece or nephew, a neighbor or even your friend.

Stigma and lack of access to mental health care providers are the primary barriers to improving the mental health crisis. While treatment is fundamentally important, we need the actions of everyone to help. Our day to day interactions with our children, grandchildren, students, those we coach or mentor, and those in our workplace, neighborhood, and social groups, are what will change the tide in how people view and stigmatize mental health.

Join us over the next two months as we pilot our “Advocacy 101” with you to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and give you the tools to advocate for mental health.


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Raise Awareness. Learn easy, every day actions to raise awareness about mental health in your community.

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Reduce Stigma. We'll teach you the tools to help reduce mental health stigmas around you.

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Advocate. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence to advocate for children's mental health and share how to advocate with your friends and family.