Week Three: What You Can Do in Your Community and Neighborhood

Welcome to week 3 of Advocacy 101. Since we started, you have completed everyday and workplace actions to help break mental health stigmas. And if you haven’t, make sure to click that Advocacy 101 option above and join us!

Before and after work, what does life look like for you and your family (Even if your family is you and your furry friends?) Are you in community groups? After-school programs or volunteer organizations? Maybe you participate in faith-based organizations? Sometimes, this is where mental health advocacy is needed most. 

Chances are, you spend time with a parent who is dealing with something behind the scenes with their child or maybe even a niece or nephew. The more we talk about mental health and wellness in our community, the more it will make it easier on that person to talk about what they are going through.

Goal of the Course

To learn how you can implement and do small mental health advocacy actions in your community and neighborhood.

Here are some ways you can advocate for childhood mental health in your community.

1. Be a mentor and a role model. Is there an after-school program that you can volunteer to read or help with homework? Call your local school or check your local library.

2. Help make your neighborhood safe. Join block watches and/or host a speaker on childhood mental health in your area.

3. Share blogs and resources on your local neighborhood Facebook page.


4. Attend mental health first aid training. Mental Health First Aid is training which helps you identify, understand and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses.


5. Attend a conference/event covering mental health. Education is the first step in becoming an advocate.

6. Create a mental health display at your library. Partner with your local library and create a display with free resources to give out.

7. Volunteer at your local mental health advocacy organizations or local nursing homes. Check out opportunities where you can help with local organizations.

8. Begin planning for World Mental Health Month. It’s never too early to begin planning activities around World Mental Health Month in May! Use some of our activities below:

Course Assignment

Now that you have advocated in your workplace or at home, now start the conversation in your community with us!

Your Assignment

Choose one of the activities above and tell us about how it went!