Show Us Your Pet

Pet's really are a man's, woman's and child's best friend. Here are four benefits of adding a furry (or not so furry) friend to your home:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety. Pets are great at calming us and lowering blood pressure.
  • Providing routine and structure. The consistent care pets need can create a sense of routine in our daily lives.
  • Building positive social skills. Building a strong relationship and bond with our pets can teach us a lot about relationships with others.
  • Reducing depression. They say happiness is contagious. This is especially true with a furry friend wagging their tail and smiling at you to remind you to appreciate the little things.

On Our Sleeves Pets

Bo Bear

Meet Bo Bear

"There is no place I'd rather be than home with my dog Bo! He makes me smile and happy every single day." - Kara


Meet DaxTheGiantSchnoodle

"Dax is a therapy dog that goes to college with me. We do outreach and therapy with college students at Jefferson College." - Sandy


Meet Rambo

"Although our dog is still an active puppy, he’s a calming force in our family who is always there for us." - Rebecca


Meet Sonny

"Sonny helps reduce anxiety with soft pets and snuggles, he encourages us to play with him and move our bodies and helps us feel less lonely because he is always happy to see us and spend time with us." - Elizabeth


Meet Penelope

"Penelope is unlike any other pet I've ever had. I suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and focusing on Penelope has significantly lowered my stress levels while at home." - Sherri


Meet Lunesta

"Lunesta was there when I had my rough divorce and then when I had my concussion. With my concussion, I was diagnosed with PTSD. My brain has gone through a lot of trauma- a TBI, a stroke, TIA, and then finally this concussion. Depression set in, but the cuddles and the purrs of Lunesta were the perfect medicine." - Chrissie


Meet Cooper

"Cooper is always there to support, love, and snuggle us. ❤" - Cash


Meet Ellie Bean

"This is my 2-year-old French Bulldog, Ellie aka Bean! She helps me to calm down when I am feeling anxious or stressed out. She, also, just helps me to laugh when I am feeling down because she is such a goofball! Life would be so much less interesting and joyful without her in it!" - Samantha


Meet Max

"Max is always quick to be at our sides as soon as someone is upset. If our son, Jack, is having a particularity bad day, Max can be found at his side with Jack petting him as Max gives kisses until he is calm." - Amanda


Meet Lucy

"This is a picture of Lucy and my husband. Lucy gives us unconditional love. She always there to greet us when we come home. She is always excited to see us. She says goodbye when we leave for work each day. All she wants to do is to love and be loved. Just like the rest of us. She loves to run and to go on walks which gets us out of the house to exercise and helps us to enjoy nature. She also loves to play catch." - Jeanne


Meet Sydney

"Syd’s unconditional love and energetic playful personality make all of the worries of the world wash away. She is always there to lift me up and she reminds me to not take life so seriously and that you should never stop playing. " - Stephanie

Kiddly Widdly

Meet Kiddly Widdly

"Kiddly Widdly constantly does things that make me laugh/smile. No matter how bad of a day I may have his cute little face always cheers me up. ." - Selina


Meet Carly

"Carly is always there and puts a smile on my face even on the darkest of days. " - Holly

Ash and Luna

Meet Ash and Luna

"My sweet baby kittens help me calm down and relax after a long day with plenty of snuggles. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and much of my life and they are there with me when I find it tough to get out of bed so I don’t feel alone and are always ready to dance with me around the house when days are good!" - Allison


Meet Duke

"Duke presence alone is comforting. His goofy personality makes light of any situation. He brings us closer as a family." - Whitney


Meet Henry

"Henry, our 7 year old golden retriever encourages us to get outside in nature for hikes."  - Tyra


Meet Simpkin

"This is Simpkin. He’s seems to be a mostly Maine Coon kitty we rescued from the veterinarians office 12 years ago. He makes us laugh nightly when he brings 2 ropes up 2 flights of steps once the lights are out!" - Lisa


Meet Prince

"Prince’s zest for life is contagious! It’s hard to feel down when you’re around him because he’s always ready to give kisses or make you laugh with his goofy antics." - Anneliese


Meet Leila

"Leila entered my life during a mental health low point. I had no idea how life-changing this dog would be. Taking care of her gave me purpose, focus, and structure. The long walks I took with her were as beneficial to me as they were to her, and I never would have taken them alone." - Nikki


Meet Lily

"This goofball provides laughter and snuggles after long stressful work days. Having Lily’s happy energy waiting for me at home can take my stress away." - Ashley


Meet Tucker

"Tucker is always ready to cuddle. He is pure love. He always knows exactly what to do to cheer someone up!" - Heather

Odie and Marshall

Meet Odie and Marshall

"They are the definition of unconditional love. Whatever happens during the day and no matter how long we have been gone, they are there to greet us with “smiles on their faces”." - Kenny


Meet Meeka

"Having a high-energy husky can sound exhausting, but Meeka makes sure we get up and get our exercise. She loves the snow and gets us out of the house and moving when the weather isn’t great!" - Bob


Meet Tinkerbell

"She always gives me tons of kisses and never leaves my side. How can your day be bad when she is next to you!" - Barbara


Meet Stu

"No matter how stressful my day is, he always makes me feel better. He makes little snorting sounds when he gets excited – I can’t help but smile and it’s an instant mood lifter!" - Caitlyn

Sophie and Willow

Meet Sophie and Willow

"Sophie and Willow make my husband, Alex, and I happy every day. They are always thrilled to see us when we get home from work." - Jackie


Meet Farley

"Farley after the great comedian Chris Farley. Cause he makes me laugh." - Jackie

Solomon Sully

Meet Soloman

"I have Solomon (AKA Sully) who is a standard poodle. He is a natural comedian, full of personality and never fails to make me laugh. He always elevates my mood, even after the hardest of days. His love of the outdoors ensures I get my required Vitamin D as well." - Katie


Meet Theodore

"Just looking at him makes me smile! He melts my heart, and looks like a stuffed animal. No matter what kind of day I am having, or how I am feeling, he loves me unconditionally and is always there for me!" - Bari

Shadow and Cooper

Meet Shadow and Cooper

"When ever I am in their sight they want to be with me, to snuggle, play or just rest in my lap. The love in their eyes is so easy to see and when I cry, in their eyes, I can see them asking if they can help me feel better. It’s the best thing that every happened to me after my husband. I have never known that kind of unconditional love before, until we brought them home." - Lisa