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Posted by: David Stukus, MD on Sep 16, 2020

Many people can have well-controlled asthma for months at a time, then suddenly develop difficulty breathing after coming in contact with one of their triggers.

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Lymphatic disorders in children are rare conditions that arise when this system is disrupted by either abnormal development, injury, or as a result of some types of cardiac disease. These conditions can result in significant losses in important proteins, electrolytes and other nutritional elements. Read More

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COVID-19 and Special Education: Back to School with IEPs and 504 Plans

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For children with special education needs, school is far more than learning in a classroom; it’s a place where they receive important physical, occupational, speech, and behavioral therapies, socialize with peers, and have a daily routine. Read More

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Kids and COVID-19: Back to School During a Pandemic

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Motherhood and Race: Ways to Support Black Breastfeeding Moms

Aug 19, 2020

While breastfeeding may come easy for a few women, for most there are significant challenges. For Black women, the road to successful breastfeeding can be much harder, if not impossible, given barriers they face which have been rooted in racism and bias. Read More

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Leaky Stool? Hard Stool? No Stool? It Could Be Functional Constipation

Aug 17, 2020

Functional constipation occurs in children who have constipation that cannot be explained by a typical cause. Learn more about the behavioral issues and treatment options associated with this kind of constipation. Read More