What To Say and Where To Say It

Conversations about children’s mental health will be different at home, at school, and in the workplace—and that’s OK! Get tailored resources, talking points, expert tips (and a little encouragement) right here.

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Why conversations with kids matter

Mental health is everything when it comes to children. When they aren't feeling their best mentally, it can affect developmental milestones, social skills and their performance at school.

Which is why we’ve made it our mission with On Our Sleeves to break stigmas and start conversations. Conversations at the dinner table, in the classroom, with our co-workers—heart-to-hearts so we learn about problems, get solutions and build confidence along the way.

Operation: Conversation at Home

And with our expert-developed resources and support materials, we make it a little easier to start the habit of communication—and keep it going (the most important part!).

Ready to start some conversations? Download this packet full of conversation starters, worksheets, helpful tips and more for you and your family now.

Operation Conversation for Home
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Operation Conversation For The Workplace

Operation : Conversation For the Workplace

Children’s mental health has a large and direct impact on professional success (worried working caregiver = unfocused working caregiver). So employers need to have ongoing conversations—and we can help.

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Operation Conversation For School

Operation : Conversation For School

Classroom conversations are key—mental health challenges are a barrier to children’s education, after all. We encourage educators to join us, using these grade-specific resources as a guide.

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