Bullying and Kids: What You Need to Know

Why do kids bully? How do you support a child who has been bullied, and how do you support the bully? These resources teach you how to provide that support.

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Bullying Basics: What to Know, What to Do

Our experts share how you can talk to children about bullying and how you can find out if a child is witnessing or experiencing bullying. Prepare kids in your life to stand up against bullying.

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10 Ways to Combat Bullying

Here's how you can recognize the signs of bullying and offer your child help.

Watch: Bullying 101: The Basics

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Kids and Weight-Related Bullying

Learn about the different effects of weight-related bullying on kids, including how it can affect their long-term mental and emotional well-being.

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Bullying Affects Everyone Involved

Far less consideration is given for needs of the youth doing the bullying. However, the presence of bullying behaviors may actually be a sign that help is needed.

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