Students, more than most, may be struggling with the transitions that have resulted from COVID-19. Relationships. Graduation. Canceled activities. Learn tips from our behavioral health experts on how you can navigate them through this time. 

VIDEO: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With Staying at Home

If you're having a hard time coping with staying home, you're not alone. Not being able to go out and do what you want creates a lot of different emotions. Our behavioral health expert, Gina, gives you five tips to help.

What to Do If Your Student Is Struggling Through the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Many students are struggling emotionally during this time of uncertainty. Learn tips for when your child is experiencing frustration, sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed during this time. While this advice is for high school seniors, we think it can help all students. 

Distance Learning: Best Practices

Many parents have had to become more hands-on in their children’s daily learning than ever before. Supporting their students at home has been just as much of a learning process for these parents as it is for kids. Read more about best practices for teaching your child at home.

Using Emotional Language: How to Talk to Your Kids About Feelings

Talking about feelings sounds simple, but can actually be quite difficult. It’s more important than ever to do so during this time. Many children need a lot of practice to grow comfortable talking about how they feel. Here are some ways to begin helping your child use emotional language.

VIDEO: How to Cope With Added Stress

We are all feeling more stress right now. One of our nurse educators, Sarah Quint, offers simple suggestions for coping with added stress due to COVID-19.

Parenting Teenagers: Navigating the Choppy Waters of Adolescence

Parenting a teenager is hard. Both kids and parents are faced with navigating uncharted waters of academics, relationships, social media and peer pressure. Finding creative strategies and solutions to address tough moments can help get you through those choppy waters of adolescence.

What is Anxiety? How Can I Help?

We know children and teens face many pressures. But what is the difference between being worried and having anxiety disorder?