Over the past few weeks, routines and structures have changed for millions of families across the world as schools have closed and many parents and caregivers are working from home. If you are among the families trying to balance child care with remote work, here are some simple strategies you can use to problem solve and plan ahead to avoid challenging behavior.

6 Tips for Working from Home While Caring for Young Children

Tips and strategies to help cope with your children’s behavior and your stress levels at home during COVID-19.

VIDEO: Setting Boundaries With Children

It can be hard for kids when predictable schedules suddenly become unpredictable. Here's how you can help your children maintain some normalcy.

COVID-19: How to Keep Kids Busy and Connected

How do you keep your children busy and connected with friends and family, all while social distancing and staying home? We did some crowdsourcing to get some great ideas for younger and older kids.

VIDEO: Stress Management for Parents

You might have to get creative when it comes to managing stress during the COVID-19 crisis. This is especially true for parents. Dr. Molly Gardner shares creative stress management ideas for moms and dads.

Sample Signs

Our behavioral health experts have created a sample sign for you to use when you’re on a call or in a meeting, complete with ideas for your kids to do while you’re in the meeting! Free to download or to use as examples to create your own if you don’t have a printer.