Sleep Problems in Children

Whether you're a kid or adult, not getting enough sleep can affect your mental and physical health. Learn more about healthy sleep habits at various stages of development and how to help your children get enough rest to be at their best.

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Why a Good Night's Sleep Is Important

Getting a good night's rest can be a struggle for all of us. Here, we'll offer tips and tricks to make sure everyone in your house is getting the rest they need.

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Sleep FAQs: Your Most Common Questions Answered

We know kids go through lots of phases as they grow up. One of the hardest to handle is poor sleep habits. Our experts answer questions around your child and sleep.

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Setting Sleep Routines for Kids with Autism

Sleep problems are especially common in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Here are ideas that may be helpful for improving sleep in children with ASD.

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How Insufficient Sleep Can Be Harmful

Adolescents actually need more sleep than adults but often get less. Even with more than nine hours of sleep a night, many adolescents still feel tired the next day.

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