How to Prepare Kids for Back-to-School

As you and your family prepare for a new school year, be aware that kids may be feeling many different emotions. Some are ready to get back to their routines, after-school activities and seeing their friends, while others might be more nervous about a new teacher or making friends. Having conversations with them and planning ahead as a family can make a big difference! Our resources help your child take on this school year with confidence.

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Back-to-School Mental Health Checklist

Heading back to school can be exciting, yet stressful. Use our back-to-school mental health checklist to make sure you and your child start the year off right.

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Back-to-School Conversation Starters

Use this list of back-to-school conversation starters so you and your child can reflect on the summer and get prepared for the upcoming school year.

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Preparing for a New School Year When Last Year Didn’t Go Well

A challenging school year can be hard for kids to know how to overcome. Talking with your child can help both of you to come up with a plan for moving forward.

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Helping Children Minimize Back-to-School Anxiety

Back-to-school anxiety is often a part of the transition to a new school year for children. Since the start of the pandemic, it has affected some kids more intensely. Learn tips to help your children through their anxiety.

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IEPs, 504 Plans and FBAs Explained

Students who have a hard time at school may benefit from programs designed to help meet their educational needs or learning styles. The most common offered are 504 plans, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs).

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6 Tips for Students in the Age of Online Learning

If your family is trying homeschooling or online learning, we have ideas to help your children maintain focus and motivation, and ways to take care of their mental health.

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