Your Guide to Boredom

We’ve all been bored at some point – although if you are a parent or educator, it’s probably been a LONG time since you felt this feeling. But did you know it’s actually good for our kids’ brains to experience boredom?

Find out what boredom really is and what’s happening in our brains when we feel this way, tips to combat boredom, age-appropriate ideas for unstructured play and what to do about boredom when you’re stuck inside this winter.

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Boredom: How Can It Be Good for Us?

Parents are often quick to try to prevent boredom in their children. But allowing your children to feel bored sometimes may actually be good for them.

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Ideas for Unstructured Time

It’s important to schedule unstructured time for your child throughout their day (and yours too!). Here are specific ideas based on the age of your child to help them get their creative juices flowing during this time.

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Your Guide to Managing Indoor Boredom

Indoor boredom may have an entirely new meaning for your family this year. Check out our suggestions for managing indoor boredom.

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PediaCast 486: Tackling Boredom

Dr. Parker shares tips for nurturing creativity so children can solve boredom on their own.

VIDEO: How to Manage Boredom in Children


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