At Home Fun

Before turning your house into a indoor day survival zone, try to move furniture and fragile items out of the way to avoid any injuries. Take breaks as needed with healthy snacks and water. Brains need a good workout too. Use down time on puzzles, books, crafts, building with blocks, riddles and anything else that will keep kids using their creativity and challenge their thinking. 

Family Cooking

Cooking together is a great way to work on reading skills and teamwork! Depending on your child's age, they can read the recipe, gather ingredients, wash vegetables, learn how to do simple math and a lot more!

Looking for some recommended recipes? Check out our pinterest boards for healthy recipes for all kids. 

Board Games

Board games provide so many options for both fun and education games! Check out games that promote reading, math and problem solving. 

Art Projects

Try painting, drawing, coloring, clay and anything else you find! Many materials like play dough and silly putty can be made at home using simple ingredients from your kitchen cabinet. 

On Our Sleeves Coloring Pages

Looking to incorporate On Our Sleeves into your art projects? Download our On Our Sleeves coloring pages

Physical Activity

Just because you are stuck indoors, doesn't mean physical activity should fall by the wayside. Here are some ideas for physical activities:

  • Obstacle Course. Set up cones, stuffed animals, cups, etc. for kids to run around, jump over and climb under.
  • Circuits. Set up activity stations around the room featuring one activity (jump rope, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, the hula hoop). Have your kids visit each station for 30 to 60 seconds. 
  • Treasure/Scavenger hunt. Hide either one treasure with clues to follow or multiple items around the house. Be sure to make the hunt take the kids to different room, and have them searching high and low to get the most movement. 

Dance Contest

Crank up the tunes and dance your socks off! We even put together a playlist to get you started. 


Animal Race

Have races walking/moving around like different animals:

  • Bear walk (hand and feet)
  • Cat/dog walk (hands and knees)
  • Crab walk (hands and feet with your belly facing up)
  • Rabbit/frog (bouncing with hands and feet on floor)
  • Duck/penguin (heels together, toes pointed to the side)

Let kids come up with other animal ideas for maximum laughs. 

Hide and Seek

An oldie, but a goodie. Hide and seek keeps kids moving, but does not require running. 

Active Games

Look for games that involved standing and moving. Today's video game systems offer good interactive options, and even a game as timeless as Twister can keep the giggles and energy level going. 


This activity works best if you have enough kids to make two (2) teams. Set up two forts across the room from each other and load each team up with small soft objects (balls, Nerf arrows, stuffed animals, etc). Have teams toss their "ammo" at each other, aiming for arms, legs and the chest (head shots are forbidden). The team that has the last member left untouched by a plus projectile wins!

Exercises During TV Commercials

Sometimes watching TV is inevitable on a snow day. But why not incorporate a way to keep moving while watching your favorite program? Download and print our sheet of exercises with pictures below and cut each one out. Next place them in a bowl or container. During commercial breaks (or between episodes streaming), each person picks an exercise and everyone completes it until the TV program comes back on. At the next set of commercials, pick out a new exercise. You can also come up with your own fun exercises and add them to the list!

TV Commercials game thumbnail

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