During stressful times, our brain gets tricked into believing nothing positive is happening. So we have to work hard to find positive things going on!

Put your positivity into practice by trying out our Stress Buster Bingo! Complete these small, yet simple things that will reinforce a healthy mindset. It only takes 5 minutes or less to do and you can practice multiple times per day if you want.

On Our Sleeves Stress Buster Lingo

  1. Download the card with suggested ways to decrease stress and increase positivity. You can keep it on a digital device or print it. You can also create your own card with our suggestions.
  2. Decide what small reward or treat you or your children will earn when the card is completed, which equals a Bingo.
  3. Select an item (or two!) each day to complete.
  4. Share over a meal or quiet time what you did that day using the prompts in the Bingo space.
  5. Complete the entire card for a Bingo!

Remember you can use these stress busters in everyday life when you are feeling stressed.

Share Stress Buster Bingo With Your Family and Friends!

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