Brushing your teeth, eating a balanced diet and helping others. As parents, it’s important for you to set a good example. Staying positive and supportive can help your kids develop confidence and a lifetime of healthy habits.

If you are introducing new healthy habits into your routine, you can make it easier for your kids to stick with these new habits by adding certain behaviors to your family’s lifestyle. Try these ideas:

  1. Build cues into the day. Leave a fruit bowl on the counter so kids reach for apples when they’re hungry, instead of looking for snacks in cabinets.
  2. Inspire kids to begin. Ask them to do the smallest first step of a good habit, like putting on their sneakers. They’ll probably stay outside playing for a while.
  3. Make it harder to follow bad habits. Hide the TV remote control until chores are finished.
  4. Add healthy habits onto existing habits. Go for a walk after dinner every night, and your kids will expect to exercise together each evening.
  5. Encourage habit streaks. Have kids mark an X on a calendar or put a coin in a jar every day they eat healthily or go to bed on time.
  6. Give rewards. When kids finish their chores early, play a game together, or let them have 10 minutes of screen time.
  7. Model good behavior. Inspire your kids by showing them you enjoy following the same healthy habits.