What exactly is screen time and how do you regulate it best for your child? Our behavioral health experts help answer all your questions about the internet and how your child uses it.

Expert Advice on Managing Your Child's Screen Time

On Our Sleeves is powered by the behavioral health and medical experts at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Here are their tips for managing screen time with your children.

Limiting Your Child's Screen Time

Dr. Mike, Nationwide Children's Medical Director of Interactive Media, shares some suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how parents and children can consumer high-quality, supervised content. 

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Screen Time and Your Child's Development: Why Disconnecting is a Good Idea

You thought raising teenagers was tough, but raising screenagers is even more challenging! Social media, in and of itself, is neither "good" nor "bad." Here are some cautions that parents should keep in mind.

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Beyond Video Games and Social Media: 3 Tips to Limit Screen Time and Add Exercise

Trying to take screen time away from kids will cause whining and sometimes anger. If you focus on adding physical activity slowly, screen time will go down as a result. 

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Listen: Dr. Mike's Tips Screen Time Tips

Dr. Mike helps parents embrace some common-sense ideas to help you and your children explore the digital world of screens together.

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