How to Help Kids Manage Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most diagnosed mental health conditions in children, but anxiety is also a typical daily emotion that many of us experience throughout our lives. Anxiety can become a problem when it leads to avoidance of important daily activities like eating nutritious foods, toilet training, attending school or socializing. Learn more about anxiety, the signs to watch for and how to help kids better manage their anxiety.


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7 Ways to Help Kids Manage Anxiety

Here are seven suggestions for parents and caregivers to help kids manage anxiety.

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Anxiety and Children: What’s "Normal?"

Though many children can manage their anxiety with help at home and school, some youth struggle enough that they need additional support from a mental health professional. Learn more about the specific types of anxiety as well as some common anxiety problems for children and adolescents.

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5 Ways to Support Your Child When They’re Feeling Anxious

Anxiety can be challenging for both kids and their parents, especially if parents aren’t sure how to help. Here are five ways to help navigate the situation and support your child when they are feeling anxious.

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How to Help Your Child Deal with Uncertainty

One thing that is certain in life is uncertainty. Uncertainty affects the mental health of everyone – including our kids. Check out ideas to help your kids feel more comfortable during uncertain times.

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Warning Signs of Anxiety in Kids

Many times, anxiety is a temporary feeling that passes once a situation changes. Children also learn ways to manage daily anxiety effectively over time. But how can parents recognize red flags for when there might be a bigger issue to tackle?


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