Gratitude. The act of showing appreciation. Of being thankful.

Research shows that people who practice gratitude - who think about the good things in their life - are healthier and happier! They feel more energized, sleep better, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves. Gratitude helps us grow mentally and grow as a person.

Let’s grow our gratitude together! Get started by downloading our practice activity and the corresponding worksheets to talk about gratitude and the importance of practicing it every day. Then share with us, and your friends and family, using the hashtag #OnOurSleeves on how you’re practicing gratitude!

Practicing Gratitude

A Guide to Teaching Your Child About Mental Health and Gratitude

We all have had to adjust to a "new normal" and simultaneously face and cope with the different challenges the era of COVID-19 has presented. During these times, it’s important to continue practicing healthy habits that can boost our mental wellness and practice healthy habits to promote a positive mental outlook. One thing we can do that doesn’t require a lot of time but has many positive benefits is to show gratitude.

Use this guide to teach your child about mental health and gratitude. Three worksheets are included to help you talk about gratitude, practice gratitude and send messages of gratitude to family and friends.

Gratitude in Action

We heard from thousands of our members about what you like about yourself… what you’re grateful for… and who you’re thankful for! You took an important step in improving your mental health through this activity. You are thankful...

For family…

“We live together (with my son and wife) and although things can get stressful at times we always work together and come support each other to do what is best for all of us and their three kids.” –Debbie Katka

“He (my son) has truly been the greatest gift a mom could ask for!” – The Little/Fox Family

For downtime...

“I’m thankful for slowing down to be at home more.” – The Russ Rodgers Family

For our essential workers during the pandemic…

“Because we couldn’t function without these people (teachers, postal workers and grocery store clerks), and I never realized how essential they were until now. They are so important!” – Jenni Calvi

And you recognized the importance of showing gratitude toward yourself!

“I like that I can make things for other people. Right now I’m making masks and donating to our local giving boxes." – Zimsjurney

The On Our Sleeves team is thankful for YOU and your willingness to talk about the important topic of mental health! You are helping to better shape our children’s mental health all while breaking stigmas. 

We also couldn’t have done this without our amazing partners, who helped grow gratitude through their fans and associates:

  • Big Lots
  • Ashley Eckstein
  • The Columbus Crew
  • Nina and Ryan Day
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

We hope you’ll continue growing your gratitude in the weeks and months to come!