You want to come up with a plan for your whole family. Working together to create a plan helps everyone use social media in a healthy way. A good plan can help minimize conflict, support good choices, and address misuse.

Use our plan or create one of your own.

You may want to think through social media data collection and check the privacy settings on social media platforms that you and your child are using.

Include everyone

Rather than a contract just for your child, consider a plan that covers everyone’s social media use.

Kids wish we would spend less time online. They benefit when we model good habits. So hold yourself accountable to healthy social media use too.

Talk about good online manners

Bullying is a risk on social media. Posts online can be misinterpreted or hurtful. Talk together about how to interact with others online and add those rules to your family plan.

Commit to safety

List the ways you’ll keep your personal information safe. Make it clear that your child should seek help from a trusted adult if they feel like something unsafe is happening.

Decide on limits

Make sure to write down not only what social media your child can use, but when and how they will use it. Consider adding your own limits too.

Agree on consequences

Let your child know what will happen if they break the social media use rules you establish. Make sure any consequences are big enough for your child to care, but not so big that you won’t stick to them. For example, taking their device away for a week.

Agree on check-ins

Your plan should change as your child grows in responsibility. Set up a date to revisit the plan. Then keep an eye out for how things are going.

Ready to get started? We have a template you can use with your family.