One of the best ways to reduce the risks kids face online and through social media is a strong relationship with you.

When you build trust and keep conversations open, you can work in partnership with your child to help them get the benefits of connecting online, while also improving their digital literacy and safety.

Exploring Social Media Platforms

What’s the best way to learn about kids and social media?

Ask a kid!

Kids are experts when it comes to navigating the newest social media platforms and trends. Let them serve as your guide.

Keep enthusiasm and curiosity at the center. Social media isn’t always good or always bad for mental health. You’ll first need to gather information about how your kids are using it in their lives and it may be different for each kid. Set aside judgment and prepare to manage any initial reactions you might have.

Sit and Watch

Next, ask to sit alongside them as they spend time on their preferred social media platforms. It may feel awkward, and you might not get the lingo just right. That’s OK – it’s all part of learning.

  • Ask them to show you their favorite video, channel or online influencer.
  • Ask about the funniest memes going around their friend group.
  • See if they’ll share the most inspiring thing they saw online (or the silliest, or the scariest).


Lead with open-ended questions

Your goal is to start a conversation in a way that feels comfortable and safe. Be open-minded and curious when you ask things like, “Who do you follow and why? How do you feel when people like (or don’t like) your posts?”

Download our full list of social media conversation starters below.