Sports and Children's Mental Health

Participating in youth team sports can be good for children’s mental health.

You can help make that experience as positive as possible for your young athlete!

By having a good relationship with the team coach and a supportive attitude on the sidelines, you can help your child look forward to practices and game days. Make sure to check in with them often to see how they are feeling and if they’re feeling pressure to perform.


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Helping Youth Athletes Focus on Mental Health

Our experts explore how can we help teach our youth athletes to balance the desire to win with other important skills, so they can manage the pressure and expectations placed on them by coaches, parents or themselves.

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Talking with your Student Athlete About Mental Health

Having conversations with your young athlete about their sport, teammates and how they feel about their coach can help their mental health.

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How to Work With Your Young Athlete’s Coach

Coaches play an important role in your child’s experience with sports. Learn how to foster a positive relationship with them.

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Having a Positive Attitude

How you react to your young athlete can impact how much they enjoy their sport. Here’s how to create a positive environment where your child can thrive.

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