Kindness Challenge: Day One

kindness challenge day one

Your Challenge: Brighten Someone's Day!

The best way to show kindness to someone else is by letting them know you care about them. Contact someone you care about - call them, video chat, send a letter or any other way to let them know you care about them!

Here are some ideas of what you can tell someone:

  • Your favorite thing about them
  • Something they have done for you that was nice
  • A skill they have that you admire


Be specific. When possible, share an example or a memory that includes some details about what they’ve done that’s meaningful to you.


Reaching out to someone you care about will make their day, but it will also make you feel good as well.


Use our writing prompts to get your child started on writing a note/email to someone.


Writing Prompts

  • Things I Enjoy About ____________
  • My favorite thing about ____________ is __________________
  • I remember when they did _____________________
  • Something that makes me laugh is how they ___________________
  • I like how they make me feel ________________ when they ______________
  • I was really impressed by them when they ____________________
  • I couldn’t believe it when they told me they once _____________________
  • I really like it when we spend time together doing ________________
  • It’s really fun when they ___________________
  • I miss their _________________ when I don’t get to see them for awhile


Share Your Kindness

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